Thursday, June 23, 2011

4.1.1 Common Knowledge and Intellectual Property

1. Post an example of common knowledge in the comment section

2. Find an example of intellectual property in the comment section.

4.1.2 What would you do glog? or Cartoon

You are a teacher and one you find out one of your best students (who you know is having major family issues) has plagiarized on his or her final research paper. Failing the research paper will cause the student to fail the course. What would you do?

Post your cartoon in the comments section.

4.2.1 Research Questions Glog

Post your glog about research questions in the comments section.

4.2.2 Research Process question

4.2.2What do you think is the most important step of the research process?

4.2.3 Effective ways to managage research glog

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Post your citation in the comment section.

Final Assessment Slides and Animoto

Post your the link to your slide show and your Animoto video.